Our ecosystem of factories around the Nordic region is suitable for all variants of electronic and mechanic production. Our local presence means that we can work closely as partners while our whole group’s strengths and abilities are at your disposal.

Inission Munkfors AB

Inission Munkfors is a complete factory with a strong focus on complete products. Part of Inission since October 2007. Has been in the industry for over 30 years.

Inission Stockholm AB

Inission Stockholm AB got a wide offer with everything from the Industrialization services to complete serial delivery of advanced Box Build. The company also have a factory unit in Västerås.

Inission Syd AB

Inission Syd AB has operations both in Malmö and Borås. The Malmö factory has a strong position in southern Sweden as a high-end EMS with a strong focus on quality and technology while the Borås factory focuses on prototype manufacturing and customer-oriented production.

Inission Innovate AB

Inission Innovate AB is our own development and construction unit. The company has operations in Västerås and Malmö, in the same premises as our manufactoring units.

Inission Løkken AS

Inission in Løkken Verk, near Trondheim, is Norways fifth largest contract manufacturer in electronics. The business has a well-proven test facility and reference customers in offshore, defense, medtech and industry.

Inission Tallinn OÜ

Our operations in Tallinn consists of a complete factory with a focus on larger series with stable deposition. Inission Tallinn can also offer mechanical manufacturing in Lagedi. The company has broad experience of working with Swedish customers.

Inission Lohja Oy

Our factory unit in Lohja, near Helsinki, is a manufacturing service provider and partner in mechanics, electronics and electromechanics.

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