EcoGuard is the largest provider of wireless distribution measurement in multi-family dwellings. Using their system, heating, electricity, water and also the temperature can be measured in the same infrastructure. EcoGuard has over 60,000 measurement points in the Swedish real estate and has offices in Stockholm, Örebro, Norrköping, Malmö and Gothenburg. Ecoguard has clients such as MKB, Kristinehamns-bostäder and Fastighetsbolaget Bredfjäll in Gothenburg. Inission is EcoGuards main supplier.

High quality

Gunnar Tysk, co-owner and production manager at EcoGuard, is with Anna-Karin Persson at Inission in Munkfors and tells us initially why they are here.

-We are here for a quarterly meeting. Together with our contact here at Inission, Leif Svensson, we have done a tour and review how the production chain looks. High quality products is of the utmost importance to us and that is what I value most with Inission. We have also discussed the possibility about Inission taking deeper responsibility for the manufacture of EcoGuards units.


EcoGuard and Inission are two growing companies and has been collaborating for over 10 years. To EcoGuard Inission delivers transmitters and receivers. Gunnar tells us a little bit about EcoGuards future:

– The relationship between us and Inission is now very good. I appreciate the openness and flexibility. It´s always possible to discuss your way to a solution and they are affordable. The quotations are also grateful because they are divided so that you see what materials costs. A detail but it is important when you are developing new products.

-Because of what I just mentioned and the high quality we absolutely would like to see Inission a part of our expansion.