LEAN Production

To get the most satisfied customers we have developed an operating system based on LEAN production and our values. The purpose is to simplify and improve how we work and create a corporate culture where everyone is involved and wants to be involved.

The operating system consists of five principles on how to organize our operations to strengthen our competitiveness. The principles are connected – from our understanding of what creates customer value to creating efficient flows that deliver this value.

Customer value

Customer value is about understanding who our customers are and what needs they have. Based on this, we plan our work to meet our customers’ needs and deliver what creates value from their perspective. We strive to eliminate activities that do not add value for the customer.

Standardized work

A prerequisite for delivering good quality in an efficient way is to work in a standardized manner. It is not only important what we do but also how we perform our tasks. When everyone in the group performs the same work steps equally every time, we create predictability and conditions to improve our common way of working.



Flow is about how a product or matter is refined from the first to the last step in a work process. The aim is to do this as quickly as possible without risking deteriorating quality or customer satisfaction. We do this by eliminating the causes of disturbances on a daily basis and by removing waiting times and waste.


Our quality work is based on us doing the right thing from the start and it should be easy to do it. By paying attention to quality deficiencies at an early stage, we can keep our costs down while saving time and protecting our customer from problems.

Learning organization

In a learning organization, it is a natural part to not only produce, but also improve the work. The leaders in the organization develop outstanding employees and groups to want and be able to contribute to the improvement work.


"Call or e-mail me if you want to know more about how we use LEAN in our daily work."
Stefan Larsson
Head of Production Development