Product Maintenance

Technology development never stands still and electronic products will sooner or later be replaced. We therefore develop an aftermarket plan together with the customer. By taking control of LTB components and extending their lifespan, we maximize the product’s return on investment. And when the time comes, we proactively propose a new product generation to replace the existing product.

Many see this ‘final’ step as the end, but we see it as a new beginning. When the time is right, we make proactive proposals for a new generation and a deepening of our partnership.

Our product maintenance service include
  • Aftermarket plan
  • Optimize life span
  • LTB handling
  • EOL redesign
  • Project idea for new generation

Lifecycle management

Our customers products have long life spans. That is possible because we make sure we develop, refine and provide service along the way. Our services ensure that everything we produce provides the highest value and total economy throughout the life cycle. Of course, that is a security you always have as our customer. We call it our life-cycle warranty.

Obsolescence management

We ensure that obsolescence is managed as an integral part of development, production and in-service support in order to minimise cost and improve delivery precision throughout the product life cycle.

We take into account the life span of all the components of your product with a plan to replace obsolete parts as they age.

Repair & Refurbish

Over time some of the products we manufacture for you will eventually require some form of repair, refurbishment, modifications or upgrading. As your strategic partner, we work closely together to develop a refurbishment plan, to enable a seamless transition from volume production to aftermarket support.

We bring your product up to the latest software version, inspect and test it before returning it to your end users or storing it for future orders. We use tracking to manage our repair process, ensuring traceability and consistent turnaround times. The refurbishment plan is based on your volume production forecasts that is tailored to your product requirements and end user’s expectations.


"Call me today if you want to know more about product maintenance or if you want to discuss an aftermarket plan for your product."
Per Jennel
Business Development Manager