Inission AB publishes mandatory public tender offer for all shares in Enedo Plc 1/08/22
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Inission AB’s ownership in Enedo Plc has increased to 80.43 per cent 1/07/22
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Jonas Söderlund Inission’s new Business Development Manager 11/04/22
Since February, Jonas Söderlund is Inission's new Business Development Manager. Jonas most recently came from the role of Business Development Director at the Finnish Tepcomp Grou... Read more
Completion of the acquisition of MLB Electronics Oy 31/01/22
Inission AB (“Inission”), through its wholly owned subsidiary Inission Lohja Oy, have as previously communicated on 21 January 2022 entered into an agreement to acquire 100% ow... Read more
Inission grows in Finland through the acquisition of MLB Electronics Oy 21/01/22
Inission AB (“Inission”), through its wholly owned subsidiary Inission Lohja Oy, has signed an agreement to acquire 100% ownership of MLB Electronics Oy (“MLB”). MLB is one... Read more
Per-Anders Nilsson new Key Account Manager at Inission Malmö 14/12/21
Since a few weeks back Inission Malmö has a new Key Account Manager. His name is Per-Anders Nilsson and is a former marketing and purchasing manager. With his technical know-how a... Read more
Inission Løkken has been launched on the Norwegian market 1/12/21
From left: Production Manager Svein Ivar Bjørnås, Purchasing Manager Sara T. Liljedal and CEO Erik Dragset. After being a part of Inission since 2018, Norwegian Simpro has chang... Read more
Carl Lidén takes over as the new CEO of Inission Borås AB 1/12/21
In 2021, Inission Borås went through major changes in terms of the company's strategy and organization. A restructuring project is currently being conducted, which is expected to ... Read more
Perfect score for the winner of the Inission Innovation Award 22/11/21
Miden Melle-Hannah, founder of Multi4. At the end of October Inission innovation award was held at Fotografiska in Stockholm in front of journalists, investors and entrepreneurs. ... Read more
Jesper Holmgren
Jesper Holmgren new Finance & HR Manager at Inission Munkfors 17/09/21
Since the end of August Jesper Holmgren is Inission Munkfors new Finance and HR manager. He originally comes from Filipstad but grew up in Karlstad. Most recently Jesper worked as ... Read more