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To join Inission you always strive to exceed expectations. You wake up every morning wanting to capture the essence of an idea and make it concrete. And if you love collaborating with colleagues who also are driven by the desire to change and improve the world. Then you’re welcome to join Inission.


Available positions


If you choose to put your theoretical knowledge into practical action with us at Inission, you get the chance to change and improve an entire industry. We are a company that dares to change the rules of the game and give life to our visions. For us, it’s not about joining the pack. We want more than that. We want to lead the development and take the lead.

Inission Academy

Inission’s success depends a lot on the commitment and the competence of our employees. To continue developing to be successful, we must give our employees the opportunity to develop further. From that insight, Inission Academy was founded, a long-term investment with the aim of developing skills and knowledge, but also characteristics of individuals.