For several years you have met some of the people behind Inission through short presentations on our website. So far, it has mainly been new employees that have been highlighted, but now it is time for the people who helped build Inission to what it is today. Now we introduce Gunilla Ringström, Finance & HR Manager at Inission Borås.

Gunilla Ringström is since the end of 2018 Inission Borås Finance & HR Manager. She grew up in Fristad just outside Borås and it was the early interest in mathematics that laid the foundation for her career in economics.

– I’ve always loved math, so my plan for choosing a high school program was partly based on that. I wanted both a practical and theoretical education in order to be able to choose both to work or to continue reading after the exam. In that sense the finance program fitted me well.

After high school, Gunilla started working at a supermarket, but already after a year she realized that it was not what she wanted to work with in the long run. She began her studies as a business economist with a specialization in accounting and financial management at the University of Borås. After graduating, she worked at several manufacturing companies, eg. Borgstena Textile, which produces textiles for cars, offices and homes, and Precomp Solutions, which manufactures precision components for the automotive industry.

– On the other hand, before coming to Inission, I worked at a niche bank for three years, a very educational time with advanced accounting. Unfortunately, the work became too focused on accounting and I find it more stimulating to work with different things and get a perspective of the whole. That is why I thought the job at Inission sounded so interesting.

Gunilla applied for the job on inission and the rest is history.

– At Inission, my job is anything but static. It is varied, you feel involved and no other day is the same. My role as Finance and HR manager includes accounting, budget and forecasts, analyzes, personnel matters, financial statements, management work and various forms of projects to improve our routines. As I have experience in consolidated accounts, I have also been given the opportunity to assist Inission by consolidating the Group’s financial reports.

Do you remember your first impressions of Inission?
– It struck me that it was so quiet in the production. In previous industries I worked on, it was much more loud.

What are your best qualities that you bring to work?
– I am calm and structured but above all committed to everything I do.

What are your interests besides the job?
– I like to travel, bike and walk, cook and fix in the garden. But in recent years, another interest has emerged. Thanks to my two sons, I have started to enjoy football and become a real football mom. It should be added that it is mainly their matches that I follow with great interest. Watching football in front of the TV does not interest me.

For more information please contact:
Gunilla Ringström, Finance & HR Manager
[email protected]
+46 33 7242 330

About Inission
Inission is a profitable total supplier that offers demanding industrial customers in the Nordic region manufacturing and logistics services for complete electronic products. We develop, design, test and industrialize customers’ products. We stock, repair and upgrade them throughout their lifetime. By combining this with a production based on high flexibility, customization and short lead times, our offer is very competitive. Inission has production units in Stockholm, Västerås, Borås, Munkfors, Malmö, Trondheim (Norway), Lohja (Finland), Lagedi and Tallinn (Estonia). Inission also owns a sales company in Copenhagen. Inission is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market.