The jury has now named this year’s three finalists who will compete for 1 million SEK at The Evertiq Convention in Lund on Thursday 25 September. The jury has valued the contributions by looking at inventiveness, uniqueness, market potential and newsworthy. The jury consists of Inissions owners and representatives from Almi and SEB. This year’s finalists are:

Melaud AB
Sammy Pergament is the majority owner and CEO of the Stockholm company Melaud AB. The company was formed in 2013 with Amir Adlouni. Today it´s only Sammy who works full time with the business, but Amir is left as a minority shareholder. Melaud AB competes in Inission Innovation Award with the innovation Melaud.

The market for headphones has in recent years grown explosively and customers are getting increasing demands on the products. In the future there will not be enough to offer a couple of nicely-designed headphones with good sound quality. It is here that the company’s innovation Melaud comes into the picture. Melaud are smart headphones with several different application areas. In its first design Melaud will solve a problem that the majority of headphone consumers often have experienced, but which until Melauds launch has missed a solution.

Perific Technologies AB
Kurt Högnelid is CEO of Perific Technologies which he owns together with Vice President Tomas Öquist. Along with Olle Magnusson, head of sales and business developer at Perific Technologies, they are participating in Innision Innovation Award with the innovation MonIT.

MonIT is a new real-time online product that makes it possible for boat owners to monitor, control and manage the various systems in a boat, floating at the dock or out at sea, by an app on their smartphone. For example you can see the voltage of the batteries, how much water there is in the bilge, and what position the boat has. In addition, all data is stored for future use. MonIT uses the Internet of things technology, and is a further development of Smart Temp, a product the company already has launched.

LARA Diagnostics
Gothenburg-based Lara Diagnostics has since January 2013 been run by the two owners and founders Louise Warme and Rui Chen. Together with Business developer Caroline Blomqvist, they participate in Inission Innovation Award with the innovation ViThess.

ViThess is a handheld, easy to use and cost effective tool for high-quality diagnosis of damage to parts of the nervous system that is not brain or spinal cord, ie peripheral nerve injury. Peripheral nerve injuries are affecting large groups of patients in several areas such as eg diabetes, cancer and neurology. Today, these high-quality examinations can only be performed in a specialist clinic. With ViThess diagnosis becomes more available and patients can receive care at an earlier stage, which reduces the risk of subsequent complications. This ultimately gives a simplified, more cost-effective care, community savings, but above all an opportunity for patients to improve their quality of life.


-This is the third year we are arranging Inission Innovation Award and it keeps getting bigger and bigger. 2014, we have received a large amount of very potent innovations. The jury has had an extensive but very fun job to select three finalists and we are really looking forward to the final, when our three finalists in person will be able to highlight their innovations. May the best innovation win, says Olle Hulteberg, CEO at Inission AB