Since a few months back, Stig Leander has been part of Inission. He is originally from Stockholm, but has lived in Karlstad for a long time. Stig is an expert in purchasing and have extensive experience in the profession. He has worked with purchase since 1985. Last position was at Uddeholm Tooling where he was purchasing manager, but the last five years Stig has worked as a consultant and helped several large companies.

How did you end up here at Inission?
I have had an eye on Inission for some time and talked with Olle on some occasions. When the Inission group began to expand the need to coordinate purchases arose. I got a request to become responsible for their purchases in the group and said yes. I fell for Inission because of the sense of ambition and self-confidence and now a few months afterwards, it feels like we have a good pace in the group that people want to take advantage of.

Can you tell me more about your job?
I am the Corporate Purchasing Officer, a kind of a spider in the web. I make sure to coordinate the purchases.  We conduct joint procurements to obtain an overall purchasing power, which ultimately lead to lower prices.

Thank you Stig and welcome to Inission!


Stig has an office in Karlstad, but are often visiting the different companies within the Inission group to discuss purchases.

Name: Stig Leander
Title: Corporate Purchasing Officer
Hobbies: Is the coach for his son’s soccer team among other things
The perfect holiday: California

You can reach Stig at:
[email protected]
mobil +46 70 27 64 861