The first of July Leif Pekkari took over after Mikael Isaksson as Managing Director at Inission Pajala. Leif is one of three former co-owners of MikroMakarna which became a part of Inission 2012. He studied economics for three years at Luleå University and has since 2000 worked at MikroMakarna. There he was responsible for finances and purchasing since it’s where his expertise and interests lies.

Leif is still responsible for the economy and purchasing but now he is also responsible for the staff and the strategic development of the factory. He will also ensure that customers are satisfied and that orders are taken care of. With a background as an entrepreneur and a close cooperation with the former site manager it is a task he feels ready for.

How do feel?
-It feels good, of course. And motivating. Within the Inission group things happen all the time, and the team spirit is at its peak. Before, my role was more administrative, now it will be more varied, so I did not hesitate when I was asked to become Managing Director.

Thanks, and good luck Leif!

Leif was born and raised in Pajala and has lived there for almost all his life. He likes to travel to varying destinations, among others visiting various sporting events and football in particular. He also likes to train, mostly running, and tweak on his house ..

Leif Pekkari, Managing Director Inission Pajala
[email protected]
+46 978 747 08