Mikael Liljemark has been Head of Purchasing at Inission Munkfors since the beginning of May. Mikael most recently comes from Uddeholm where he worked as head of the strategic purchasing group. Now he looks forward to learn more from his new colleagues and together with them strengthen and develop Inission Munkfors’ purchasing department.

Mikael was born and raised in Hagfors, about 20 km north of Inission’s operations in Munkfors. During his high school years, he educated himself in
electric telecommunications technology. That he had a tendency to negotiate was something he
discovered later in life.

– After high school and the military service, I started working in the forest. Then I ended up at Primus in Hagfors. This is where I realized that I needed education to
move on. Hagfors has a vision and belief in the molten steel and a graduate from the Berg School would definitely give me more options in the future.

Mikael became an expert in metal and after a few years at Ferrox in Grythyttan he was back in Hagfors but now at Uddeholm.

– I started at the Purchasing department and worked a lot with investments. It included both economics and technology which suited me perfectly. Over the years I worked my way up and also got responsibility for staff as Purchasing Manager. For the last four years, I worked half-time for our divisional and group management voestalpine in Austria to coordinate the entire group’s purchases. When I was not responsible for the Group’s purchases, I was the head of the strategic purchasing group at Uddeholm.

Mikael stayed at Uddeholm for 19 years until he received a telephone call from the Test House.

– I found out that Inission was interested in me and I knew about the company before. Several of my purchasing employees had worked there. I was briefed by Håkan Rååd (Managing director Inission Munkfors) about the business and I became interested. Inission is not as big as Uddeholm, which means that
the transparency of the business processes is increased. In the end it will be easier to get your voice heard. What also attracted was the new challenge in stepping
into a completely another industry.

What are your first impressions of

– It feels great. You feel the motivation and I have nice employees who are more than happy to share their knowledge.

What is your title and duties?
– As Purchasing Manager, I will lead the purchase and raise the level of purchasing in a tactical and strategic way. It is also my job to think “around the
corner” and develop long-term plans that will help the business move

Finally, what are your interests outside of work?
– I like to take a run, ride my motorcycle and work on
the house. I also travel a lot, preferably to cities and ski resorts. I like to get new experiences.

Thanks Mikael. Welcome to Inission and good luck.

Mikael Liljemark, Purchasing  Manager Inission Munkfors
phone:  +46 701 900 150
mail: [email protected]