Inission is growing again! As a part of Inission company growth strategy with the aim to be one of the leading EMS manufacturer in Scandinavia is MikroMakarna acquired. There are a lot of positive effects, says Fredrik Berghel CEO at Inission. – “a perfect match”

Inission is a new but still experienced contract manufacturer of electronics. 2011 was Triab in Stockholm acquired. Triab has developed very positive since the merger. Inission expects the same with MikroMakarna.
-MikroMakarna is a strong brand in EMS business, together we will be able to give the market an even better offer

Stronger offer

Inission will after the merger consist of five sites. – two customer close operations in Gothenburg and Stockholm, and three larger factories in Pajala, Munkfors and Tallinn.
– We supplement each other well, says Fredrik Berghel. Together can we offer the customer better geographic presence, which is an important factor in this business. Inission will get a larger financial base and can as a consequence provide larger volumes and larger commitments.

– The EMS industry is in consolidation and Inission wants to take an active part of that process. The challenge is to do grow and maintain a good profitability, something we have achieved so fa,r says Fredrik Berghel.

Broad competence and efficient production

MikroMakarna produce modern electronics product. MikroMakarna has 25 years of experience in the business and a broad competence. Modern equipment, prototypes and series as well as testing and logistics. The company has a turn over of 8 MEUR and 36 employees. The sellers are Mikael Isaksson MD/Sales Manager, Lage Niska Production and Quality Manager and Leif Pekkari Financial and Purchasing Manager. All will remain on their current positions.

– We are convinced that Inission will be a good owner and take care of MikroMakarna in an excellent way, says Mikael Isaksson.

– This is a match made in heaven, says Fredrik Berghel. Inission gets a new daughter with broad competence and a good customer base. MikroMakarna as a part of Inission will be stronger, which is positive for all, not least the customers.

About Inission

Inission provides demanding industrial customers in the Nordic region with tailored production and logistical services for complete electronic products that guarantee the greatest business benefit and overall economy. Inission will after the acquisition get an turn over of 35 Million Euro.

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Fredrik Berghel CEO
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Mikael Isaksson VD
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