As we mentioned earlier, Inission Triab has two new purchasers. In our last post, we got to know Anna Pavliouk. Now is the time to familiarize ourselves with Piret Lindmark.

Piret grew up in Pärnu, Estonia. There she studied Economics in high school and then built on her knowledge by studying accounting. She was later employed as a purchaser at Note in Pärnu and worked for the company for seven years. The last years within sourcing. Three years ago her family life brought her to Sweden and she felt open to new challenges.

Piret was told Inission Triab was looking for purchasers. After working on the Note, she knew about Inission, but only as a competitor. She began reading about Inission and became interested. Piret sent an application and then participated in a thorough recruitment process involving interviews and personality tests, and after about a month, she was told that she was one out of two Inission wanted.

What were you so interested in Inission?
– Inission is a growing company with energy and enterprise that is committed to becoming a leader in its industry in the Swedish market. I wanted to be a part of it. I am as a person positive and like new challenges, and that was how I perceived Inission. And that’s why, together with my experience as a purchaser, I thought the job description fit me perfectly.

What were your first impressions of Inission as an employer?
– It was very nice to feel so welcome and accepted by my good colleagues from the first day. Working with skilled specialists is easy and I felt like one of the family.

What do you do on your spare time?
– I love to spend leisure time with my family and friends and I like to read and knit.

Thank you Piret and good luck!


Piret Lindmark
[email protected]
+46 8 56 44 06 71