Christer Arntzen is the new purchasing manager at Inission Göteborg. Christer lives on the peninsula of Onsala and enjoys the nature and the closeness to the sea before the big city. He has previously worked in the electronics component distribution for several years but is now changing path to production. Christer will be a support to the sales side, particularly in Gothenburg.

Christer is an educated teacher in chemistry, physics and biology, and has a keen interest in technology. Something that he, as a radio amateur, gladly discusses on the radio.

What are your first impressions of Inission?
– It has felt good all the way from the recruitment process. But I’ve had a good impression of Inission even earlier. Before I came here, I worked at AAAAA Nordic and before that at Modern Elteknik where we had Inission as a customer.

Why did you want to work for Inission?
– I felt that Inission was very goal-and results-oriented. It appealed to me and now I also get to see the products. For me as interested in technology, it is a big plus. I now look forward with excitement to participate in the work of existing and upcoming projects.

Welcome to Inission Christer.

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direkt: +46 (0)31 – 727 82 60
mobil: +46 (0)70 – 337 22 31