Inission has established a Code of Conduct signed by Managing Director Olle Hultberg and CEO Fredrik Berghel.

Inissions success in business builds on providing its services at high quality yet also socially and environmentally sustainable. It also depends on building and maintaining trust from our customers, suppliers, employees and all other stakeholders.

This Code of Conduct specifies what we require from ourselves, our suppliers and other business partners in order to be successful.

Inission and its suppliers shall comply with the laws and regulations of each country where we operate as well as internationally agreed standards such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and applicable ILO Conventions.

in the Code of Conduct, which you can read in its entirety here, you can read more about the rules and values that we have regarding Child Labor and Workers’ Rights, Conflict Minerals, Anti Corruption and Environment.