A good working environment with committed and positive employees is a prerequisite for every successful business. At Inission, we work continuously to ensure that our employees feel safe, cared for and included. But what is it really like to work at Inission?

Electronics developer Johan Frisk

“I work in a team at the development unit Innovate where we all have in common that we love to develop and construct electronics. Some work with software and embedded systems, others with programming and FPGAs. I prefer to work with hardware. To become a development engineer I studied electronics, robotics and mechatronics.

Accuracy, willingness to cooperate and creativity are valuable qualities to have when you are faced with challenges as a development engineer. The best thing about Inission is all the exciting reference projects and the in-house manufacturing that provides faster and easier feedback on the producibility of the prototypes.”

Technician Malin Grevillius

“At Inission we have many different technicians. Some take care of tests and troubleshoot cards in collaboration with customers, others work with cells to optimize workflows and some program and maintain machines. It depends a little on what you are interested in. I mostly work with preparations in the Monitor business system. Preparing means that I, via documentation from the customer, must decide how a card will be manufactured. When the preparation is complete, I work closely with the production teams that will make the cards.

Basically, we are technical individualists, but we cover for each other if someone needs help. We have a good collaboration and you feel appreciated. Being an electronics technician is a fun and varied job and there is always something to do.”

Key Account Manager Åsa Persson

“In my role as a Key Account Manager, I have the overall responsibility to maintain a good long-term relationship with our key customers. You could say that I am responsible for how the customer experiences Inission. I work closely with all departments to be able to present the most cost-effective solutions.

I like Inission because it´s clear organization. Every morning we get together and discuss deliveries, problems and solutions. When everyone is involved, it creates a feeling that we are a team working together towards a goal, which I believe is one of the most important things for a business to function well.”

Business development manager Per Jennel

“As Business development manager at Inission, the goal is to create value for the customer and thus increase sales. Creating value means improving, simplifying or refining a routine, process, product or service linked to the business. For this to be possible, good relationships and an understanding of the customer’s needs are required.

There is a fantastic diversity within the companies in Swedish industry and the startup culture in Sweden is strong. It is a privilege to get to know them, work with them, manufacture their products and help them grow.”


Accounting manager Annie Axelsson

“I have always had an interest in economics, but it was in high school that it took off seriously. Business economics was extra fun and after I graduated as a high school economist, I got a job as an accounting assistant. A few years later, I went on to study for a Bachelor of Economics at Karlstad University. It was also where I heard about Inission for the first time via Ung Företagsamhet.

Accounting manager at Inission is an exciting, unique and dynamic role in a changing environment where I get to be part of driving the company forward. As Accounting Manager, I manage the consolidated accounts but must also, together with the subsidiaries, harmonize, develop and improve the accounts through new routines and working methods.”

Production developer Stefan Larsson

“I got interested in Inission because it is one of the few companies in the region that invests so much in LEAN. For those of you who don’t know, LEAN is a business strategy with the aim of maximizing customer benefit and at the same time minimizing waste, something that both our customers and we at Inission benefit from.

As a production developer, it is my task to implement new, more efficient working methods at all Inission’s factories. But not without help from my colleagues. LEAN is teamwork and to bring about real change, it is required that everyone wants to participate and develop.”