We customize production to your unique product and select the right Inission factory for your needs that ensure efficient volume production, high quality and delivery precision throughout the logistics chain. Our well-oiled machinery results in a low capital retention, optimal total cost and a secure partnership, allowing you to focus on your core business.

For us at Inission, it is important that our customers feel safe. We leave nothing to chance and are constantly working to improve our processes. Therefore, we use standardized work steps and a well-developed traceability system to systematically detect, isolate and process any sources of error.


Manufacturing complete electronic products is at the core of what we do. We tailor each assignment to the customer’s needs. We ensure a system with efficient volume production, consistent quality and a industry-leading delivery precision throughout the entire logistics chain.


Inission can offer the manufacture of specially designed units from sheet metal with an optimal fit. We can also combine high quality mechanical products with electronics manufacturing. We call these total solutions electromechanics.


Inission is a strong partner when it comes to assembly of finished products. We are today supplying to world leading OEM customers and we believe we are doing the right thing, as we are having customer relations in box build since more than +30 years back.