To manufacture complete electronic products is the core of what we do. We tailor each assignment to the customer’s needs. We ensure an arrangement with efficient volume production, consistent quality and industry-leading delivery precision throughout the entire logistics chain.

This gives you as a customer a low capital tied up, optimal total cost and a trouble-free existence.

  • Surface mounting (SMT)
  • Station-oriented, semi-automatic assembly
  • Mechanical mounting
  • Wave and selective soldering
  • Automated Press-Fit
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • 3D X-ray
  • Casting and varnishing
  • System assembly
  • Instrument assembly
  • Through-hole assembly
  • PCBA mounting
  • Cabinet production
  • Coating of PCBAs
  • Potting
  • Final assembly
  • FCT-, ICT-, Burn-in-testing
  • Vibration- and environmental testing (ESS)
  • Post production work
Elektronikproduktion på ytmonteringslinjen i Inission Munkfors

Flexibility is crucial

We are proud of our flexibility and high service ability. We know that conditions can change quickly – and at Inission we are prepared to act just as quickly when that happens. With our long experience of electronics manufacturing, we have solved many production problems for our customers.

Traceability minimizes sources of error

We use standardized work steps together with a well-developed traceability system to systematically detect, isolate and process any sources of error. This method is part of the overall work to constantly improve our processes.

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