WATS-traceability system

With the test system WATS from Virinco, Inission enables our customers to have traceability on their products. Using a WATS-client, the customer can access the WATS database with quality data and serial number history.

About WATS
  • Database System that processes test data
  • Test reports, data analysis, and production statistics
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Ready for the TestStand and LabVIEW
  • Integration with ERP
With WATS you can
  • Identify vulnerabilities, failures and bottlenecks
  • Report the current BOM, SW, FW etc
  • Be a part of the customer’s PLM systems
  • Contribute to the monitoring of quality
  • View resource usage to be used in production planning
  • Give traceability

Inission can link process control data and customer systems for Product Lifecycle Management – PLM.
A typical product timeline may look like:

All steps will be linked towards the serial number of the product. Reports from each step will be available for the customer. In addition, it is possible to plot the values of test points for all serial numbers with assessments of limits, normal distribution and other statistics.


"Call or e-mail me if you want to know more about Inissions traceability system."
Kjetil Blokkum
Business Developer