Niklas Lindh, former Customer Manager at Inission in Munkfors has taken yet another step on the career ladder.

First of all, congratulations!
-Thank you thank you. It is the first day so you feel a little fresh.

So, you have become the new Site Manager of..
-TRIAB, a company in Vällingby outside Stockholm which has focused on electronics production. We’ve been around a long time and has a customer base of 40-50 clients and about 20-30 of them are customers who buy our services recurrence. In the summer of 2011 TRIAB was acquired by Olle and Fredrik and is now part of the Inission group. We are making prototypes and small series and is a company with high engine capacity and highly qualified staff. We will be able to offer the Inission group expertise in advanced prototypes which will be a great asset.

What are your main tasks as a Site Manager?
– We are about 18 employees here at TRIAB. This is relatively few. This means that we must take on multiple roles. I also. But first of all, I have responsibility to make TRIAB achieve the goals and expectations we have of ourselves, and by our shareholders, but also that we reach the goals we set with our customers. Another major challenge is that in a good way incorporate TRIAB in the Inission group.

So, how does it feel?
-Very stimulating. It will be a new challenge. I have worked with group responsibility, purchasing and customer relations before so I have a good foundation to build on. I am really looking forward to taking a company like TRIAB forward another few steps.

-I also have the privilege to take over a thriving business. TRIAB has a good reputation and satisfied customers so customer relationship is something we will continue to focus on. I can put restructuring aside and focus on managing and developing the recipe for success instead. I like it!

How did it happen?
I knew there was a need. The old TRIAB-owners had quit and it was needed someone who could combine the roles of Manager and new-customer-salesman. So I took the chance.

Was it a difficult decision?
Yes it was. I contemplated for a while. The family stood behind me, and career-wise and for me to grow as a person, it felt right. But I knew that I will miss the atmosphere, colleagues and clients that I had contact with at Inission in Munkfors.

In conclusion. Are you going to visit us again?
Absolutely. As I sad, TRIAB is included in the Inission group and it requires constant exchange of information in order to evolve. So I will surely visit sooner or later!