Swedish Handicare AB, a subsidiary of Norwegian Handicare AS which is one of Europe’s leading tool company, has signed a contract for manufacturing at Inission MikroMakarna. Handicare AB moves their production from China to Sweden. At the moment, the cards are already being produced. The deal is worth around 3 million SEK the first year.

– The cooperation with Handicare is really exciting, we at Inission believe strongly in Swedish manufacturing . To compete with the low prices in the East is not easy, instead, we invest in other qualities that enhance our competitiveness. We can produce faster, have higher quality, be more flexible and have better delivery accuracy. It is our way to get the most satisfied customers. It’s inspiring that Handicare believe in us. Now it’s time to deliver. / Jörgen Hurula, Inission MikroMakarna

About Handicare AB
Handicare offers solutions and support to increase the independence of disabled and elderly, and to facilitate the work of health care providers. The wide range includes electric wheelchairs, stair lifts, bath products and solutions for car customization. Products that make it possible for people to remain in their homes and live independently as long as possible. The Handicare Group is one of Europe’s leading assistive companies, with its own sales and manufacturing organizations worldwide.

For more information contact:
Jörgen Hurula
+46 70-521 40 75
[email protected]