As announced previously, Inission AB has in June 2016 acquired the Swedish contract manufacturer Onrox Group. In order to finance the acquisition, Inission AB has sold part of its shares of Incap Corporation in the way that its new holding on 30 June 2016 includes a total of 1,745,288 shares of Incap, representing approximately 40.0% of all shares and votes of the company.  Inission AB still is the biggest shareholder of Incap Corporation. Inission’s previous holding was 1,801,666 shares, i.e. 41.3% of all shares and votes of Incap Corporation.

For more information, please contact:
Fredrik Berghel, CEO Inission
[email protected]
+46 732 02 22 10

About Inission
Inission is a total supplier of customized manufacturing and logistics services in advanced industrial electronics. The Group consists of the parent company Inission AB and the wholly owned subsidiaries Inission TRIAB AB and Inission SKEAB AB in Stockholm, Inission Göteborg AB, Inission Munkfors AB, Inission Pajala AB, Inission Montronic AB in Sösdala and the Estonian company Inission Tallinn OÜ. Inission acquired in June 2016 Onrox Group, which consists of Onrox Malmö and Onrox Borås as well as a Danish sales office Onrox ApS. Inission has an annual turnover of approximately 610 MSEK, has approximately 340 employees and is listed on Nasdaq First North.