Cecilia Carlswärd. New Sales Manager at Inission.

Inission have in a relatively few years created a natural position in the Swedish market for contract manufacturing and the trend is continuing upwards. To be able to continue delivering quality to our existing customers, but also continue to grow without complications, we have been analyzing Inissions Market organization. The goal is to save time for our sales representatives to focus on developing our client portfolio.

We have chosen to develop our marketing activities in several steps. Now, the first phase is completed and a new organization within Inission is built. We believe our customers will appreciate that they in an easier way can benefit from our whole company’s offering.

New Sales Manager

To lead Inission new Marketing organization we have decided to recruit Cecilia Carlswärd (formerly Norrby) as the new Sales Manager at Inission. Cecilia has a broad expertise in marketing and sales, but particularly strong in managing organizations in change and development. Cecilia will also bring expertise in supply chain management to our Marketing organization, which is our strategy for growth.

One of the many improvement activities we will pursue over the next year is the possibility for our largest customers to have access to a Flow Team. This team is supposed to strengthen and broaden the contact network that our Key Account Managers can offer you as a customer. Not only will our customers get faster contact channels, but also a stronger expertise. We want the Key Account Managers to focus on working with the development of our common business.

Best Regards
Fredrik Berghel & Olle Hulteberg