Börje Nilsson, CEO, and Lennart Melin, Technology & Marketing manager at Inissions factory in Borås.

On June 14, 2016 Inission acquired Onrox Group. Onrox Group included a factory in Malmö, a factory in Borås, and a sales company in Copenhagen. In connection with the acquisition, the factory in Borås announced that the need for a new surface assembly line was great. Inission have therefore chosen to invest in a completely new generation of machines from Siemens. The new surface assembly line arrives at the factory in Borås week 29 and will be ready for use sometime in late summer.

– This is an important investment and we are excited about Inission investing in our factory. With the new surface assembly line we get an increase in capacity of at least 40%, making it easier to handle short lead times. It also means greater flexibility and ultimately customers who feel more comfortable with us as suppliers, says Börje Nilsson, CEO at Inissions plant in Borås.

New large order has put pressure on production and the past month the Borås factory has switched to three shifts.

– We are very grateful for this investment. Volumes increase and the products become more complex. The new line features the latest technology and it´s required to meet future customer needs, concludes Lennart Melin, Technology & Marketing manager at Inissions factory in Borås.

For further information, please contact:
Olle Hulteberg, Managing director, Inission
[email protected]
cell +46 707 20 24 44

Börje Nilsson, CEO, Inissions factory in Borås
[email protected]
cell +46 708 33 42 60

About Inission
Inission is a total supplier of customized manufacturing and logistics services in advanced industrial electronics. The Group consists of the parent company Inission AB and the wholly owned subsidiaries Inssion TRIAB AB and Inission Skeab AB in Stockholm, Inission Göteborg AB, Inission Munkfors AB, Inission Pajala AB, Inission Montronic AB in Sösdala and the and the Estonian company Inission Tallinn OÜ. In June 2016 Inission acquired Onrox Group which consists of Onrox Malmö, Onrox Borås and the Danish sales company Onrox ApS. Inissions annual turnover is approx. 610 MSEK, has approx. 340 employees and is listed on Nasdaq First North.