Since the end of August Jesper Holmgren is Inission Munkfors new Finance and HR manager. He originally comes from Filipstad but grew up in Karlstad. Most recently Jesper worked as an accountant at Ernst & Young and he describes himself as humble and determined.

At the time of writing, Jesper has worked at the Munkfors factory for three weeks, but he thinks he has already got a good picture of the business.

– So far I have got a very professional impression. From an early stage, I got to practice in all departments to learn as much as possible about the factory and its production flow – everything from purchasing and sales to production and delivery. It creates an understanding of the business and provides a background to all the numbers. In addition, it is nice to meet everyone who works here. It’s a wonderful and helpful bunch.

When did you discover your interest in economics?
– It is something I have always had an interest in and been good at, but a career in economics was delayed. After high school, I moved down to Halmstad to study biomedicine. It was only later that I realized that I would rather be involved in developing businesses and see it grow with others. A career in economics was a better way to go for me.

Jesper started studying at Karlstad University and graduated with a Master of Business Administration.

– After my degree, I started working at Ernst & Young as an accountant. But after three years at the company I wanted to develop my skills. That´s why I applied for the position of Finance & HR Manager at Inission Munkfors. It was an exciting opportunity to learn more, especially in HR. With the results in hand, it seems to be just that, a fun and dynamic role where new things happen every day.

What do you think is important for a finance department to work well?
– For me it´s about creating a team spirit and take advantage of all the skills available here. My employees are experts and I have great respect for their work. We must also have good communication with other departments and contribute our knowledge. Together, with good financial control and governance, we can also contribute revenue.

What are your interests besides work?
– I train a lot and have previously played both tennis and floorball. Once I played at division 1 level with Sjöstad floorball team. Otherwise, I like to hang out with family and friends.

Thanks and good luck Jesper!

For more information:
Jesper Holmgren
Finance & HR Manager Inission Munkfors
[email protected]
+46 563 54 05 52