Our three finalists. From the left, Jerry (Lintech Embbeded), Pascal (Ramabox), Jens and Dzana (wyberry technologies)

It all took place at The Evertiq Convention in Lund, Sweden, 25-26 September. Before the finale, the jury, consisting of Johan Olsen (ALMI), Peter Bermann (SEB), Olle Hultberg and Fredrik Berghel (owner of Inission), appointed three finalists based on the business plans submitted. They valued the contributions by looking at inventiveness, uniqueness, market potential and newsworthy. Efforts to designate these three finalists were difficult. Declaring a winner would be even harder, especially after the jury received answers to their questions the day before the finale when each of the finalists had to present their contributions orally.

Our three finalists:

wyberry Technologies
Founded by Jens Kjellerup, Dzana Damjanovic, Johan Wigelius, Simon Zhongxia He and incubator company Encubator AB. wyberrys contribution to this year’s competition is based on a unique patent-pending technology for wireless data transfer. With their high-capacity wireless link you can transfer video with maximum quality and it enables media production companies, in event and entertainment industry, to save time and money by avoiding the need to use today’s wireline solutions. One can use more screens and cameras and also rig them in places that previously were not able to pull the cable. wyberrys innovation can also be used in TV and film production, sports and other application areas such as telecommunications and communications between buildings.

Ramabox AB
Pascal Felique is the owner and CEO of Linköping company Ramabox AB. Ramabox is also the name of his contribution to the contest. Ramabox is a universal retrofit solution for vending machines that can convert the vending machine at any time for a next-generation vending machine. With a simple upgrade, the machine gets several modern features, such as graphical user interfaces, advertising, cashless payment, remote monitoring and intelligent power management. Ramabox is the solution for vending machine operators who want to upgrade their existing machines without having to buy brand new.

LinTech-Embedded AB
Jerry Lindblom from Vidsel, 110 km west of Luleå is CEO and owner of LinTech-Embbeded. Jerrys innovation is called EL-IoT and it´s a system based on a long-term research project at Luleå University of Technology. EL-IoT base its operation on “Internet of Things”. With this technology linked to the internet you can constantly measure, store, monitor and control various electrical appliances, basically wherever they are located geographically, with a smartphone, computer or tablet. EL-IoT is a wireless system that consists of many components that can be combined to meet the application areas of the entire customer registry between industrial and private consumers. In the market for energy, management can be done depending on what it costs per hours or strangle the use of electrical energy when the load becomes too great. EL-IoT is also used to manually control the electrical devices or on the light, temperatures, calendar, etc.

It took a while, but at the end of the day, the jury agreed and Pascal’s contribution Ramabox was named the winner with the reasoning:
“The winner is developing a product that will drive a paradigm shift in the vending machine industry. The market potential is as great, the technology is patented and the company is in the entrepreneurial spirit. “

Olle tells evertiq.se why Ramabox won this years innovation award:
“Pasqual has been granted a patent and two more soon, which protects this innovation in a good way – then it’s great that there is a huge market – there is a huge potential in this idea.”

Pascal himself answers the question what this kind of award means to him and Ramabox:
“We have a vision that we want to realize and we will soon have a complete product, but we need a last little push to finish the product and produce it in massive quantities. And with this win, we can realize this and change the entire vending industry. “

Earnings in Inission innovation award consists of industrialization and manufacturing services to the value of 1,000,000 SEK. Now Inission and Pascal begins the journey together to realize Ramabox.