Inission Academy has emerged from Inspirit and our quest to always get better.

We are convinced that our contribution to our customers’ success goes through our competent and committed employees. Therefore, it is important that all employees develop and have fun at work. Development of skills mainly takes place in our daily work, by growing with the tasks and being involved in developing these. Individual employee interviews ensure that employees have the opportunity to influence their own work situation.

To develop our employees’ individual and collective abilities, we have also established Inission Academy. Through Inission Academy, we offer our employees courses and skills development in a number of different areas. We use both external and internal educations to develop employees in leadership, project management, lean, purchasing, production and finance.

By creating the conditions for lifelong learning, we can meet the industry’s current and future challenges.

– Press release  – Inission launches Inission Academy

For more information about Inission Academy please contact:

Stefan Larsson,
Head of Production Development, Inission AB
[email protected]
+46 73 582 23 32